Your Story Paralysis

February 20, 2019

We see ourselves as the main character in our own story and it hurts us. That personal story becomes the thing that limits us from being the disciple Christ intends us to be in His story.

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Rhythm & Processes

January 31, 2019

Interview with James Pope the transitional pastor that prepared for my call to North Trident


Help Others Belong

January 16, 2019

Restaurant Discussion #2

November 21, 2018

Discussion about calling, preaching, and ministry general.


Restaurant Discussion #1

November 9, 2018

Nathan, Jerry, Justin, and Kim talking about ministry direction here as well as principles regarding a variety of things. This is part 1.


Born Blind Baptist Podcast Launch

November 6, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the born blind Baptist podcast—we’ll have conversations, monologues, discussion and dialogue about things that may or may not matter in regard to the gospel, the great commission, ministry, church replanting and church revitalization … and whatever else we want to talk about.